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michael kors hobo bag 2010
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michael kors hamilton saffiano navy More than most disasters, drought can create an atmosphere of fatalism. But in a dry climate like California’s, a grass lawn won’t survive long without watering. But ocean desalinization isn’t cheap—about ,000 per acre-foot, about twice as much as water tends to cost now—and it can come with environmental imichael kors joanie bootssues, as all that left over brine is pumped back into the ocean.,michael kors 6004 In xeriscaping, which means “dry landscaping,” homeowners replace thirsty grass with drought-tolerant native plants like wildflowers and succulents. But in a dry climate like California’s, a grass lawn won’t survive long without watering. There could be greener options—a California startup called WaterFX has developed desalinization technology that uses renewable energy, cleaning water through a solar still.dillards michael kors handbags clearance

michael kors handbags replica usa Homeowners can even make money off the switch—the Santa Clara Valley Water District will pay homeowners per sq. So it’s not surprising that California has explored the technology as well. Even during a normal year, the state gets only about 22 inches of precipitation a year, near the bottom for the U.,who sells real michael kors handbags Drip Irrigation: Agriculture in California uses about 80% of the state’s developed water supply, but without irrigation, fertile farmland like the Central Valley—which alone produces about 8% of the country’s farm product—would go came off the driest year on record, and the nearly every corner of the state is gripped by severe drought. Several years ago, water officials in southern California’s Orange Cmichael kors joanie bootounty built the Groundwater Replenishment System (GRS), which takes in about 70 million gallons of wastewater a day, puts it through a multistep cleaning process, then discharges the treated water into the region’s aquifer.michael kors eau de parfum

michael kors gold watch men chronograph But drought isn’t just about the weather. The rest actually goes to recharge the aquifers that supply drinking water to Orange County. Even during a normal year, the state gets only about 22 inches of precipitation a year, near the bottom for the U.,michael michael kors booties Drip irrigation is more expensive than the conventional alternatives, but with water in California getting scarcer and pricier, farmers may have little choice but to switch. After all, what more is there to do than simply endure the days and weeks of dry weather, hoping for something to shift in the skies and bring back rain. Desalinization technology—which converts seawater to drinkable water through a high pressure osmosis system that removes salt and other impurities—is already being used in water-stressed cities like Singapore.michael kors collection purse sale

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